Warning Signs That Your Exhaust May Be Leaking

August 7th, 2019 by

Properly service your vehicle is the best way to ensure the longest life for your vehicle. The weather and roads can cause your vehicle to need more service than expected. One of the most common services people don't think about is an exhaust inspection. This will ensure your vehicle's components are up to performing their job.

One sign there may be an issue with your vehicle's exhaust is a funky smell. If you think you can smell your vehicle's exhaust in the cabin, you probably have an exhaust leak. Exhaust leaks can rob power from your vehicle and even make them burn more fuel. Your exhaust may also be rusty if you are prone to taking a lot of small trips, that don't allow your vehicle to come up to temperature.

If you feel like your vehicle is not performing as it should be, bring it in for an inspection at Sid Dillon Mazda. Our team will be able to diagnose any issues your vehicle may be experiencing.



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