Quick Safety Tips for Reducing Windshield Glare

May 27th, 2019 by

It's important to Sid Dillon Mazda that you stay safe while driving. This is an ideal time to bring an important topic to your attention. If you're like most drivers, the sunshine can often interfere with your visibility, especially during the upcoming summer months.

Be sure to invest in a set of polarized sunglasses. They can be used in an instant if the glare suddenly appears. Maintain a clean windshield to prevent any lost visibility, which can be compounded by the sun. Of course, the sun visor is a helpful resource to use; however, be extra careful when opening it while driving at high speed, if you typically keep items tucked away.

This is also a great time to remind you to stop by our showroom for a test drive anytime during business hours. There is never an appointment needed, and our professional sales associates are just a phone call away.



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