Enjoy the Technological Features of the Mazda 6

July 30th, 2019 by

People wanting a mid-sized sedan with style and class choose the Mazda 6. Along with ample interior seating space and trunk room, the vehicles provide a wealth of technological features. Learn more about the sedan by making a point of visiting your local Mazda sales facility. Get to know the Mazda 6 by going for a test drive.

Link the infotainment system with a smartphone or mobile device and quickly access, contacts, apps, maps or playlists by simply tapping the screen. Thanks to Siri, the system uses voice control when needed. So, drivers never need to take their hands from the steering wheel or glance away from the road. Enjoy concert-quality sound secondary to the Bose sound system that includes 11 speakers.

The technological amenities include safety features. The headlights automatically switch from low to high beams. Receive an audible alert when backing up if obstacles approach due to the side mirror and rear view sensors.



Source: mazda

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