Become a Fuel Efficient Driver With These Tips

May 14th, 2019 by

Everyone always has something they can improve on, especially when it comes down to being environmentally friendly. However, some of the ways you can conserve fuel while driving might surprise you. At Sid Dillon Mazda, we believe it's important to keep our clients educated on how they can be more fuel efficient—here are some tips to be just that!

Are you someone who carries many objects and cargo in your car frequently? Do you really need all of that weight there? It can actually be holding you down if you have too much. For every 100 pounds you carry in your car, your MPG might be going down by 1%. Another way to save gas while on the highway is to use cruise control, as you'll save gas by not frequently adjusting the brake/accelerator pedals.

We hope these tips have shown you how to be a bit more fuel efficient while on the road. If you ever need your car serviced, be sure to stop by Sid Dillon Mazda.



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