The Properties of Synthetic Motor Oil

In the early days of cars, conventional motor oil was the only option. Nowadays, vehicle manufacturers have engineered synthetic oil to give optimal performance. Knowing which to choose helps your vehicle run at its best.

Conventional oil is a natural oil that is modified with additives to improve its properties. Synthetic oil is designed at the molecular level with specific oil properties in mind. Synthetic oil resists evaporation, flows easily in the cold, resists degradation in a hot engine, and doesn’t form sludge that can slow your engine. This means that your engine will run in extreme cold, or while working hard towing a heavy load.

Your vehicle’s engine might require synthetic oil, or conventional oil might be adequate. Don’t risk putting the wrong type of oil in your vehicle. Let our service team at Sid Dillon Mazda in Fremont, NE help you find the best oil for your vehicle.

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