Easy to Spot Warning Signs Your Exhaust is Leaking

The exhaust system on your vehicle needs to safely move dangerous gases from the engine through a series of pipes and out the tailpipe. Any leaks could be serious concern, so here are a few ways to spot potential trouble.

Listen very carefully and you may be able to discover the exhaust system is leaking. Open the car hood, and see if you hear a popping or a hissing coming from the exhaust manifolds. Near the tailpipe, listen for a higher pitch whistle which may indicate a leaking pipe or higher back pressure.

If you start to notice a drop in fuel economy, it could be the exhaust system leaking. When there is even a small leak, you car needs more fuel in order to be able to work harder moving the car.

Bring your vehicle to Sid Dillon Mazda at the first signs of trouble with leaks and your car's exhaust system.

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